EVERSHINE LOGISTICS SERVICES is a Bangladesh based Freight Forwarding Company which having gained a wealth of experience, service and capabilities continue to be managed by a team of expert and dedicated staff in this field International Freight Forwarding, whether you are looking for an all-in-one freight forwarder or dedicated special projects team, our team experts in critical logistics, are here for you.

EVERSHINE LOGISTICS SERVICES focuses on long-term commitments and lasting relationships with customers,suppliers and partners, In value-adding to our clients business, we provide assistance in locating the right markets, appointing the best agents and maximizing the acquisition of export orders.

Our commitment to quality is personified in our dedicated and experienced staff, which are trained to provide all our customers with round the clock accurate shipment details and documentation assistance. With their unwavering dedication to getting the job done right the first time, we can and do make that salient difference to your freight needs.

EVERSHINE LOGISTICS SERVICES have forwarder shipping agents in all parts of the world to help co-ordinate the air / ocean cargo shipping arrangements and see to the on-time delivery of your freight cargo.


EVERSHINE LOGISTICS SERVICES has solid experience in handling international shipment as well as expertise about the specific demands in the ever-growing Bangladesh Market. In combination with the experienced multilingual staff and a global network, EVERSHINE LOGISTICS SERVICES serves clients in all corners of the world with 7 years operations, EVERSHINE LOGISTICS SERVICES has the experience and foresight to provide our clients the most efficient and dependable solution, yet the EVERSHINE LOGISTICS SERVICES team will never cease to deliver what is promised to our clients.